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Join the Autonomy of ​SFC


​Petition procedure

Submit the necessary information and the details of your petition using the "Petition Form ( required)" below. The Shonan Neighborhood Association will send an answer to the email address you registered within one week. We may ask for additional information or arrange an interview. The petition will end when the petitioner is satisfied after communicating with the Shonan Neighborhood Association, or when the injunction proceedings proceed.

​ Notes on petition

In principle, the contents of the petition and subsequent exchanges will be made public, except for personal information. If you require special protection or nondisclosure, please indicate so on the form. The information you provide will be used for contact and identity verification purposes. After the procedure is completed, unnecessary personal information will be promptly destroyed after being processed into a form in which the individual cannot be identified. Petitions should be made by the person making the petition based on their own free will. This, along with the authenticity of the information you provide, must be pledged at the time of submission. If we do not hear back from you for more than a week regarding your petition, we will consider your petition resolved and close the process. In addition, if it is determined that it is a deliberate procrastination of the procedure or a malicious obstruction of business, the series of exchanges will be made public and the procedure will be terminated. Petitions are being processed by case number. Please do not remove the case number from the email title.


​Injunction procedure

Injunction requests must be petitioned in advance with the same content and settled (rejected, dismissed, etc.) in a manner that does not comply with the content of the petition, except when requested by the subcommittee. When seeking an injunction, you must file the case number of the petition that was denied. Please use the "Injunction Request Form" at the bottom of this page to send the names, student ID numbers, and email addresses of 20 SFC students who agree to the injunction request, as well as the self-government actions you wish to institute. The Shonan Neighborhood Association will announce receipt of the injunction within 36 hours of the form being submitted and will send an authenticity confirmation email to all backers. In addition, if there are any deficiencies in the application, the representative of the request will be notified to that effect within the same time. Supporters are requested to reply within 72 hours of receiving the e-mail, stating that they are requesting an injunction based on their own free will. If there are no special circumstances and all 20 members do not complete their pledges within the time limit, the Shonan Neighborhood Association can resume self-governing activities. Once we have confirmed everyone's pledges, we will communicate with you to remedy the issues raised regarding the suspended autonomy. Communication will be done via Slack or face-to-face (whether face-to-face or online), but we will take measures such as recording to ensure that all records remain. If all 20 individuals indicate that the issue has been resolved, the autonomy will resume. All 20 people will be required to express their acceptance of these measures, even if they wish to amend or withdraw them.

​InjunctionNotes on

An injunction will be made public in its entirety and in all communications, except for personal and highly sensitive information. This is to allow the public to confirm whether the injunction itself is a legitimate request and whether the Shonan Neighborhood Association is responding in good faith in accordance with its discipline. If no response is received from any or all of the injunction seekers for more than seven (7) days, the person shall be deemed to have declared the matter resolved. However, the injunction will continue unless all parties express a resolution. The Shonan Neighborhood Association shall not give or receive money or other goods, entertain guests, hold secret meetings, exert pressure, or otherwise improperly demand the termination of the suspension for the purpose of resolving the suspension.  

The following matters cannot be demanded by injunction.

(1) Contrary to the Shonan Neighborhood Association charter and rules currently in force, and the norms to be followed by the Shonan Neighborhood Association enacted by Keio University, the Zenjuku Council, local governments, Japan, and others.

(2) Dissolving the Shonan Neighborhood Association

(3) Conflicting with the resolution of the SFC Student Assembly

​SFC general meeting and voting

What is the SFC student meeting?

The SFC Student Assembly is the Shonan Neighborhood Association'shighest decision-making bodyand

This is an important gathering to democratically express the will of SFC students.

Regular general meetings are held at least once a year. (Held in October in 2022)

​What to do at the SFC General Assembly

executive committeeApproval of

budgetApproval of

settlement of accountsreport of

Proposal aboveExplanation and question-and-answer session, resolution

​About simple voting

A vote will be taken in the approval of executive committee members and other proposals

All SFC students have the right to vote in this poll

Please help us by voting!

Autonomy​Participate in the study group

​What is the Autonomy Study Group?

All SFC students, as “residents” of SFC,Discuss aiming for SFC-like self-government and what SFC should aim for,Taking action based on discussionsTo do. At the same time, it also plays a role in monitoring the activities of the Shonan Neighborhood Association Executive Committee and the secretariat and providing advice based on the ideal form of SFC autonomy.Self-government Study Groupis the foundation of the Shonan Neighborhood Association.

​actual activities

We have discussions every week based on the set theme. The topics covered vary and differ each time, but they are all related to SFC. Proactively thinking about improvement measures], “Looking for improvements in SFC by category such as course registration and campus environment”, “Should all SFC students (including graduate students) participate in the autonomy of the university as much as possible?”). The content of the activities varies, such as a workshop format at one time, and a lecture format at another time. You can bring what you want to talk about and what you want to do and make it happen.

​How to participate
  1. People who join the Shonan Neighborhood Association will join this Autonomy Study Group.Anyone who belongs to SFC can participate.(Students of the Faculty of Policy Management, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, Graduate School of Media and Governance, and Graduate School of Health Management). If you would like to join us, please click the button below.

  2. If you would like to visit, please let us know by email.

​Join the special committee

What is a special committee?An organization for secretariat staff and SFC officials to work togetheris. The Executive Committee approves the establishment and dissolution of a company. As a general rule, the executive committee is in charge of supervising the committee, but in some cases, SFC students with specialized knowledge other than the executive committee members may be appointed.

The special committee currently active isSpecial Committee on Gender Equalityis. The committee is derived from the Bringing Sanitary Products to Universities project and conducts surveys and public study sessions to promote gender equality at SFC. In November 2021, after conducting a survey on sanitary products, we submitted a request to the university for the installation of sanitary products, jointly signed with a student representative. In 2022, we are conducting an awareness survey in circles and a survey to promote the establishment of OiTr.

Creation of subcommittees

subcommitteecan be created from two members. In foundingMust meet the following conditions and be approved by the Executive Committee.

・The aims and objectives of the subcommittee should be defined and should be public in light of SFC's autonomy.
• that the membership requirements for the Section are defined and that it is occupied by a person who has a direct relationship with the SFC;
・Positions including representatives of the subcommittee, first-term officers, timing of general meetings, subcommittee rules, and means of communication must be specified.
・The membership does not include members of far-left violent groups or other individuals or groups that are against the welfare of SFC students.

If you would like to create a subcommittee, please use the petition form below to "petition"please.

​Cooperative organization

The Shonan Neighborhood Association organizes groups active in SFCCollaborative organizationaccredited asOperational support and equipment rentalWe are doing Also, especiallySFC BenefitsWe issue activity costs to group judged to be useful. In addition, we may ask cooperating organizations to dispatch staff to events hosted by Shonan Neighborhood Association.


For more information,Collaborative organization rulesPlease refer to the.

Organizations wishing to be certified as cooperative organizations should:inquiryPlease contact us.

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