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​Join the Shonan Neighborhood Association

​For those who want to join the Shonan Neighborhood Association

Thank you for your interest in the activities of Shonan Neighborhood Association.

The Shonan Neighborhood Association is always looking for new members throughout the year.

I want to be involved in student autonomy​

I love office work!

Shall we try something new...

Investigate problems with SFC

Discover and solve!

Interested in implementing websites and producing promotional videos and images!

Management of projects with a public nature

Want to try

For compiling materials and storing information

I want to be involved 

If so, please join the Shonan Neighborhood Association!

​Membership flow

Firstthe form belowPlease enter

After confirming the input of the form, from the self-governing association sidecontact by emaildeath,Invite to SlackI will.

For those who want to join the autonomy more deeply, lightinterview(such as what you want to do in the community association) and the philosophy of the community associationtrainingAfter that, you will be assigned to one of the finance department, general affairs department, public relations department, or secretarial department within the secretariat.

​New welcome information

First of all, I want to know what kind of atmosphere it is!If you are interested, please come to New Huan

Welcome information with other circles and groupsjoint welcomeorNeighborhood association's original welcomeIn addition to updating in

TwitterBut we deliver all the time.

Neighborhood association various SNS​ from the icon below!

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  • Instagram
  • Line
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