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​Fiscal year business manifesto

Activities for 2023

The Shonan Neighborhood Association made three pledges during the 2021 founding vote.Building relationships with organizations,Involvement in university administration,Separation of administration and executionis. We have reflected these pledges in our activities as immediate goals.

At the 2nd SFC General Assembly, the revision of the charter was approved to include the contents of collaborative organizations. The Shonan Neighborhood Association provides various resources such as office supplies and activity funds according to the activities of the cooperating organizations. This year, we will make use of this collaborative group system to build relationships with each group and support the further development of SFC's student groups. In addition, we believe that the public election of executive committee members within the residents' association as stipulated in the same charter will be the first step toward separating administrative and executive functions. Furthermore, we will create ties with the university through planning events after the graduation ceremony and participating in the arena coordination committee.

In addition, we are planning activities such as the Kenkyu Kaimoura Project (KMP), the Special Committee on Gender Equality, dissemination of useful information for student life, and welcoming of newcomers this year. Through these activities, we will create a new aspect of SFC and contribute to creating a place where SFC students can play an active role.

Shonan Neighborhood Association Executive Committee

​Event planning introduction

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​Appointment of new executive committee


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​Tanabata Festival

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