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Shonan Neighborhood Association Charter​

The Charter is the supreme law of the Shonan Neighborhood Association. It stipulates the purpose of Shonan Neighborhood Association, organizational structure, rights and obligations of SFC students and Shonan Neighborhood Members. Revision or abolishment requires a resolution at the SFC General Assembly.

There are two versions of the charter, Japanese and English. Both are correct translations, but if there is a discrepancy in interpretation, the Japanese version of the charter will be the standard.


The rules stipulate in detail the activities of the Shonan Neighborhood Association. Enactment, revision and abolishment are carried out by the Executive Committee. If you think there is a problem with the content, you can request correction by petition.

List of regulations in force​


As a means to learn more about the activities of the Shonan Neighborhood Association, we mainly publish the minutes of the secretariat.

If you would like more information disclosed, please use the petition. However, we cannot disclose personal information or other information that should be kept confidential.

​You can view the minutes on Google Drive (requires by clicking the button below. An explanation of the contents and structure of the minutes folder, as well as notes, etc., can be found in the document "[Public version] Description of minutes" in the drive.

budget closing

The Shonan Neighborhood Association belongs to the Zenjuku Council.

Keio University collects a self-governing association fee of 750 yen each year from each student as tuition.

The Zenjuku Council, which represents Keio University students, compiles the self-government association fee, and the total amount is as much as 20 million yen.

The Shonan Neighborhood Association receives self-government membership fees from the Zenjuku Council, and carries out a variety of initiatives that contribute to the welfare of SFC students. In addition, as group performing business based on residents' association fee of everybody, we build appropriate financial system in Shonan residents' association.

settlement of accounts

* The 2022 financial report will be posted after the audit by the Zenjuku Council.




​Archive of past projects

Here we summarize the plans and reports of the projects that the Shonan Neighborhood Association has implemented so far.

You can view each document by clicking on the proposal/report for each project. (requires authentication)

​Flyers/Pamphlets PT
Startup Project
​Research group welcome in SFC2022 summer
​SFC student meeting
Welcome to the study group in SFC2023 winter
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