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​ residents' association note

Shonan Neighborhood Association's note ( provides (useful) information that we want to deliver to SFC students.

​For details, see the URL above or the image below!

​Vacant classroom search system

(*The image is from 2022.)

​The Shonan Neighborhood Association collects empty classrooms at SFC during the school term.

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About ​KMP

Kenkyu Kaimoura Project (KMP)thenCreation of a website that covers the information of the study groupI am aiming for In addition, we are currently holding events such as the new welcome of the study group.Increase opportunities for undergraduate students to learn about SFC research groupsI am also working on On the website, we are producing the "Lab pedia", which is the centerpiece of KMP. The choice of study group will affect your university life and, by extension, your future. It is sometimes difficult to grasp the actual situation, such as the lack of information on the syllabus and individual instructor websites, and the need to rely on acquaintances.

In order to solve the problem of selection of these institutes,To create a forum for sharing information on seminars that is beneficial to both SFC students and the goal.

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